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  • Skyler - Awesome company and mattress but was just not for me.

    I absolutely love the goal of this company and the customer service has been amazing. But this mattress is not for me. I have an issue with the Star rating I'm giving it. The mattress is obviously well constructed and I love the feel of it. But it's just so firm. I have a lot of back and neck pain and it had made my neck a bit worse and I consistently wake up with a sore back now rather than my old mattress I would only occasionally wake up with back pain.

  • CCH2002 - Total Improvement for my needs.

    I have been taking these for a full month now. I have had minimal side effects. I did follow the recommendation of taking one tablet twice a day for the first two weeks then increase to two tablets in the morning. I have lupus and have found just adding this supplement alone has helped ease the joint pains I have been struggling with in my right knee and elbow. I can't say that it's some super cure as I still take my prescription meds alongside this, but I have not had to adjust my activities due to knee pain since about ten days after starting this supplement. For me, this has been a huge improvement in my mobility. I am only giving 4 stars because some of the fillers concern me, but overall the benefits outweigh the risks for me at this time and I can say for my disease and my reasons in taking it I do see an improvement. I paid full price for this and I have added it to my subscribe and save Amazon order as I intend to keep using it. This review is my own opinion, my own experience and I was not offered a discount or anything in return for my score.

  • Lux Daniels - This product was one of the best that I have found

    I received Keeva’s Deep Conditioning 5-in-1 Hair Mask a few days ago. I have found it hard to find a deep conditioner that works well for my hair. My hair is very dry and slightly damaged from being colored for many years. This product was one of the best that I have found. The first time I used the product, I noticed I needed to use quite a bit of it. My hair just seemed to absorb it. After my hair dried, it was a bit softer than before. It only lasted a short time. The second time that I noticed I did not need to use as much and it softness seems to be lasting longer.

  • Gary T. - Still great

    I have been using the H&R Block and its predecessor for many years. My taxes are pretty simple now, and could do on paper, by why? The s/w lets me import the previous year's data as a starting point, so I can have our basic data (address, filers,...) already filled in, which you can edit of course. I always purchase the Deluxe + State version as it includes federal, 1 state, and multiple federal e-files. It is great to e-file, as you can get a refund in a couple weeks or less. The s/w checks for missing data and values that seem out of whack. You can use the interview method, which ask questions to get the necessary data, which is what I use, or you can directly access the forms. The interview method is great as it fills in all the necessary forms for you. For those with small businesses, or rental properties, there is another version available.

  • Amazon Customer - Its a cookbook for adults

    I got this for my 11 year old daughter, but as soon as I flipped through the pages it became clear that the book is not really for kids. Its got a lot of complicated recipes and things you would make for dinner instead of simple treats. I still think she will enjoy it but not in the way I was hoping.

  • khadfour - They really do work!

    Taking these drops 3x a day and lowering my caloric intake has totally worked! I have been on this diet for 10 days and have gone from 154 lbs to 145.8 lbs. I am following the HCG 2.0 diet along with the drops and its awesome! Would I like to be eating a cheese burger and fries, of course, but I am motivated and know that I can lose the extra weight from having my 4th baby. I'm excited! Years ago I used HCG drops and did the original HCG diet of 500 calories and it was a struggle to stay on the diet. But with these drops they honestly work so well and help curb my appetite. Honestly it is hard to actually get in all the calories I'm suppose to be eating. Each day right when I wake up I put 15 drops under my tongue. Leave it there for two minutes then swallow, (it doesn't taste good but doesn't taste bad either). Then I wait 15 minutes to eat my breakfast, usually 3 hard boiled egg whites. Then around lunch and dinner time I do the same thing with the drops then eat my food for each meal. I would actually highly recommend these drops to anyone motivated to lose weight. I did not receive these drops for free I purchased them and when I am done with my weight loss I'll repurchase these drops again so my husband can lose weight.