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Country:, Asia, TR

City: 28.9948 , Turkey

  • D. M. - Waste of money and time

    disappointing. The thing is so small that you'd need at least several changes of the cloth to actually clean one room. I live by myself in a very small apartment and it couldnt even get everything clean. Not a price efficient purchase. I would have been better off with a traditional mop and broom. When I tried to send Swiffer a money back request (as part of their cash back guarantee) they said they never received anything. They said my request was prob lost in the mail. Oh really Swiffer? How convenient for them. I am never trusting this company again.

  • Tweedy - No wonder we lost the Empire

    You will note that I am English. We are a little country that was once important and we live under the wrong impression that people care what we say anymore.

  • Queen of Design - If you DIY anything, you NEED THIS.

    If you DIY anything, you NEED THIS. I buy this for anyone who wants to take on a spray paint project. It is LIFE CHANGING. Not only is it cheap but it makes it so that your hands aren't covered in paint and it evenly distributes the color.

  • George E. Roberts - 3M tape not holding

    Received the item quicker than quoted which was nice, however the 3M tape does not hold after installing. Not sure what to do or where I can get 3M tape to attach this properly. It would look nice if it stayed on. The other chrome pieces I ordered from them hold very well except this item.

  • Mark - Seems flimsy

    It will probably do in a pinch - seems lite weight and now I worry about whether the Chinese really use stainless steel or some metals that cause Americans to get fat, borrow money from Chinese bankers etc

  • Jim S - Two sets (almost) in 40K miles

    These came stock on my 2008 Chevy Tahoe. In 2012 and @ 18K miles, they were done. Tread gone. We rotated them per recommendations and they wore evenly. The ride was OK, semi quiet, good traction, but the treadlife was dreadful. I replaced them with the second set two years ago and today, at 22K miles, the second set is done.. There is still almost 5/32 treadlife on them...but we took a nail just off the sidewall in one and as they cant repair it, I figured it was time to just replace all four... I was disappointed with both sets treadlife. I can only attibute the poor treadlife to possibly all city miles, lots of turns, up-hill and downhill. I imagine those who get higher miles drive highway more than city. We are ALL city and it just ate them up. I am switching to the bridgestone Dueler Alenza this time...they have a 65K warranty and a 600 treadlife rating...much higher than the 360 on these... So far the ride on the Alenza is very smooth and very quiet...quieter than the Eagles. SO... in summary, treadlife is the reason for the very low rating. (I cant blame it on the wife's driving habits...sorry, goodyear!)

  • rabbia - Not a good earpiece.

    Not a good earpiece ..takes 2 hours to charge and work 1 and half hour ..not worth money sound is not clear compare to this one