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  • Amazon Customer - damages boot record do not buy.

    Disabled my hard drive! Seemed to install, then all I could get on the screen was "Recovery - PC needs to be repaired" ! It apparently had messed up my boot record! Had never in 50 years had such a bad program. I could not boot up, could not get F8 to help, etc. I am a along retired computer guy, & can usually work around poor programs, but this was very bad. It took all day to get rid of it - & get my computer back. Their FAQ's, Help, forums, did not help in any way. I tried chat - but after 1/2 hour wait gave up. Do not buy.

  • College Prof. - Threelac really helps fight the Candida

    Once you've identified Candida Albicans as the monster that is ruining your sinuses, you must monitor your environment to eliminate mold, and watch your diet carefully to avoid ALL yeast and fermented products. This is the road to recovery, but adding Threelac to your regimen daily really speeds up the healing process. I went from chronic debilitating sinus illness, punctuated with horrendous painful episodes of being unable to breathe, to a somewhat normal state of health in under two weeks with Threelac. Threelac seems to work with your immune system to overcome the Candida and helps your body resist the effects of environmental pollutants. Use Threelac and say goodbye to nasal inhailers, antihistamines, antibiotics. It's natural and it's safe.

  • KATHRYN MURRAY - Does one job well

    This product does just what it says; it makes neat, uniform slices of a variety of soft and hard vegetables. Really handy for tomatoes, onions, bell pepper; very sharp.

  • tpehep - Like the product

    Had it for about 2 month. So far few day trips and 2 beach trips. Great for a day/quick trip.easy to carry and all fabric seems to be intact. It can fit a 6 pack( beverage of your choice) fruits and sandwiches. Has 2 small compartments. can use one for utensils and another one for small items( cheese stick for kids).

  • Peggy Albanese - Love it!

    I have been using this product for years. I do not have deep wrinkles around my eyes. I am a senior citizen. Whether it's the product or my genes, it's hard to tell but I will continue buying the eye cream