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Get Off Meds - Help for Prescription Drug Addiction - Get off Meds can help you find the way that's right for you to conquer your prescription drug addiction.

  • Get Off Meds - Help for Prescription Drug Addiction - Our purpose at Get Off Meds is to give people more data about prescription drugs and addiction to meds.
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  • Insomnia Drugs - Dangerous and Addictive - Insomnia drugs such as Ambien and Lunesta are not the innocent little sleep aids that the advertisers would like us to believe.
  • Antipsychotic Drugs - Over-Prescribed and Dangerous - Antipsychotics such as Seroquel are being prescribed in record amounts, frequently with horrific consequences.
  • Depressants - Antianxiety Medications - Depressants, also known as anti-anxiety medications such as Xanax, Valium and Klonopin and some dangerous side effects and are also very addictive.
  • Antidepressants - The Most Frequently Prescribed Drug in the U.S. - Antidepressants are dangerous and addictive. And they are the most frequently prescribed drug in the United States.
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  • Detox and Rehab Archives - - Drug Rehab In Washington Centers Around Narconon MeetingsWashington Drug Rehab centers have gained increased effectiveness through Nar

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  • Web Buyer - Hidden Fees, Impossible to Cancel, and spotty service coverage.

    I've had freedompop since they started offering service (so a couple years now) and each month I'm charged for a handful of small fees. The service coverage is terrible, so I can rarely get online enough to use it, and they charge an "inactivity fee" if you don't use the service. (How's that for a catch-22??) I've tried canceling, but the bills keep coming. It seems like the only way to truly cancel is to call them and reach someone with authority to do that, but each time I've been transferred around until I was dropped or was told that department was closed.

  • Silvers - Before and After pictures are obviously fake

    I have yet to see a before and after picture that are taken with the same focus and the same lighting. Why are all the before pictures extremely focused and in detail, and all the after pictures are all softened, off focus, and with different lighting?

  • Enrique A. Leon - INCOMPLETE

    without a doubt this is the worst PES that seen in my life, very incomplete and too many mistakes, because that KONAMI is using for the first time a new engine after a lot of years, although there have been many improvements the game is having problems, more than anything in the online mode, gameplay is indefinite because with every upgrade you have been changing the gameplay and that a molested users

  • Carolyn J. Moran - Got this as a gag for my father in law ...

    Got this as a gag for my father in law. However didn't realize that the product was intended to support her. That's why I'm only giving it two stars. The stars are for the vendor, Hilary gets none.

  • Louis Bailey - Working so far!

    Let me first say that I love honey, and I truly believe in the healing powers of the magic golden liquid. Those out there who have never experienced any honey other than the clover honey so common in the U.S. have never lived. It was when I lived in Yemen for three years that I discovered my love for honey, because it was there where I discovered Sidr honey, which is absolutely, hands-down, the best honey I have ever tasted in my life. There you can get it for about $60/kilo ($28 or so per pound)...if you get it in Europe or the U.S., expect to pay $150/kilo or more. In my opinion, it was worth it, and I consumed at least 1/2kg (roughly a pound) per month. Sidr, like Manuka, is quite potent, and so long as i ate it, i never was sick: no stomach bugs, no head colds. Meanwhile those around me without the honey were constantly sick with GI infections.

  • R. Marsden - Great for dry mouth & dissolving plaque.

    Been using the Biotene PBF for 30days and I love it. I recently had a less than favorable dental check up and decided to get serious about taking better care of my teeth again. I suffer from dry mouth and that condition has really improved. I will continue to use it once a day. I try not to drink anything for about 30 minutes after using. I will be interested in seeing how I do at my next cleaning. PS. I plan on using the toothpaste and gum as well. That and the new flossing product I found should do the trick, NO deep cleaning treatment for me!

  • I. Hunter - This is a GL-5 oil; you may not want it for your older tranny!

    Warning: this is a GL-5 oil. GL-5 is what most of you want...but, not everyone. If you are looking for a manual tranny oil, and the specs call for GL-4, this may not be what you want. I know the "company line" is that GL-5 is back compatible..but, that is just not always so.