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  • rfgenerator - Using this is like entering your car in a game of Russian Roulette.

    Have a Nissan 2002 Sentra that had started losing coolant as well as occasionally tripping the "Service Engine Soon" light and then getting a code of problems with the 3rd cylinder misfiring briefly at startup (but no overheating issue). Swapped out spark plugs but no luck issue persisted. These cars are very prone apparently to developing a small hole in the headgasket. Didn't want to pay for a headgasket job but wanted to hang onto the car for a bit longer. Thought this product might do the trick. Used as directed. Took it out for a short test drive (5 minutes) after performing the procedure and all seemed well. The car sat in the driveway overnight and the next morning took it out for another ride, at about 6 minutes into the ride the dash thermostat meter started climbing up steadily. Pulled over let it cool, then limped it back home. Too much of a coincidence that this happened the day after I used this stuff. I'm going to have a mechanic look at it but my guess is the product either trashed the radiator or the fuel pump or both. Not happy. Using this stuff is definitely playing Russian Roulette with your car.

  • Paul J. Hodge - Halfway there

    Disappointing. I was assured by the Tobin's Facebook page representative that this new version had been updated and all the errors had been corrected. They most assuredly have not. It's a great conversation piece for the fan events, and the info on the various spirits is fun, but it's poorly edited. And quite frankly, Dr. Egon Spengler, who said print is dead, would NOT advise you to go to the library.