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  • Wilderness1derer - Great Product

    I am glad I got this messenger bag. It is durable and well made, I expect to have it for several years. It is well laid out and organized.

  • spud - Great for our young son

    Our son loves to browse this book when he's not in the mood to read a longer story. There are categories that stand out for him, and he sought those out first. But in the process, he discovered things about the world that he would never have been interested in, so in that sense it expanded his horizons just a little bit.

  • 508Lobsterman - No One Sould Do Their Taxes Any Year Without Reading JK Lasser

    Surprisingly J.K. LASSER'S YOUR INCOME TAX should be annual reading for anyone interested in improving their financial lot in life. If you understand tax law, you might understand how you and your family might become wealthy if you did certain things and arranged your affairs so that the IRS approves of what you are doing. JK Lassser is one of the secrets to understanding wealth accumulation in the Untied States. Sure it might be boring but realize within the huge volume there maybe one or two gems where your circumstances in one year could be improved the next year if you took time to arrange your Federal and State tax affairs so you paid as Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes said your fair and just amount of tax and no more. In other words, you could save money next year if you read JK Lasser this year. For a tax regulation book the book is so clearly written. It is in English! It is written for readers with a high school education. It has many examples explaining what the IRS means and shows you how to fill out the IRS forms so it pleases the IRS. I read it over even though I use TURBO-TAX to make sure I my circumstances this year are correct for Federal tax filing and to take advantage of what I might do next year.

  • Sean E. Weaver - Just what I expected!

    In a word, Epic! Started with the pre season drama of Pujols moving into free agency and Wainright being out for the year with an elbow injury, dealt with the drama of slumping players at the start of the regular season, to the post All Star break and our wild race to the post season with the Cardinal's win and the Brave's loss. Then detailed reviews of every post season experience, especially detailed with each of the 7 games of the world series. This movie showed the comeback spirit and the never give up spirit of the Cardinal's baseball organization. A must have for any real fan!

  • Leslie - Works fine

    I bought this for my sister a month ago. It works fine. The only issue is the part with the gauge which is to be connected to the compressor keeps rotating (about 90* or a little over) when the compressor is turned on. Getting it to stay rigid with the use of the thread seal is a drag

  • chucko182 - The work fine, but break after just a couple uses

    I have received two Cooper Coolers as gifts. The first stopped pumping water after a few uses. Then my friend bought me a replacement for Christmas. That one broke on the third use. Now it just makes a faint humming noise. I contacted the Cooper Cooler folks and they said my unit was out of warranty, and offered to sell me another one at a discount. Needless to say, I passed on their offer.