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  • Maggie C - A story of immigrants making their way in America

    I originally picked up this book because I love reading historical novels, especially those set in New York City. It’s fascinating to hear about this city as the waves of immigrants arrived to help make what it is today.

  • John Souza - Cheapest earring aides around

    Good for TV watching, picks up everything including my wife in the kitchen 30ft away chopping food and placing dishes on a corian counter. I like that is a volume control on them but the wire connection from the plug to the aide broke after a year, that is why I am ordering another pair.

  • BIGSHAQ - Two thumbs up!!!

    My fiancé got this for me to play video games and watch movies and I used for the first time last week at a bachelor party. It was great. Easy to set up and use and the guys loved it. What a great value. Will definitely recommend this to anyone.

  • ConedogersDotCom - This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you ...

    This monitor doesn't have a bluetooth connection, and you need to use the older IPhone connector. The device worked well for about a month of taking daily measurements, but then started to get a little flaky. Sometimes the monitor fails to connect to the IOS device, other times it doesn't take accurate measurements which requires you to take several readings before you get repeatable results.