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  • LizaS - Only color changes from allergy!

    I ordered this with visions of surprising hubby on our anniversary with the "new me"...or at least sprucing up that part of me. I never realized it was beginning to match the gray hairs on both the "carpet and the drapes". But with the first application, I experienced the cautionary burning sensation...which then advanced to rash, hives...and bleeding when I couldn't stop itching. So much for a surprisingly attractive nether region. The MD I had to visit probably got more excited treating the symptoms than hubby will. Hopefully it will clear up in time for hubby's birthday in another month.

  • Amazon Customer - You get what you pay for . . .

    First off the PDF import does NOTwork.You get a message stating, "TaxACT's PDF importing capability is currently down for maintenance" I tried over several days and several different PDFs (with 4 teenage kids I operate a small tax firm). So either TaxAct is lying about being down for maintenance or they are having a terrible time fixing the problem.

  • tjwood - this helped and if you're doing a project where you're ...

    this helped and if you're doing a project where you're already spending on the other products you might as well spring a few buck for the can probably get similar in hardware store but this thing def works well.

  • Dorothy - Don't buy the hype

    My husband and I both tried the shakes since we both had weight to lose. The only plus for this product is that you're saving on groceries since you're replacing 2 meals a day. On the flip side, we were bloated, gassy, and broke out with a terrible rash. Neither of us has allergies to the typical listing that they advise against. The worst part was that after 3 weeks of 2 shakes a day, fruit and vegitables for snacks, and a healthy dinner, neither of us even lost a pound!!!