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Health And Skin Care Center Of Miami | Facial Treatments | Skin Care Products - We offer a comprehensive range of health and beauty services, including skin analysis, state-of-the-art blood testing, and a full range of pharmaceutical grade skin care products.

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  • http://www.healthskincenter.com/about-us/ About Us | - The center is owned by Claudia Maghidman, a CIDESCO Diplomat with years of experience providing facial and skin care solutions in the medical field.
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  • Evie - System 1 - It's just OK but does the job

    Alright, so I've officially been using System 1 for almost one year now. I have oily hair (requires daily washing) that is thin, falling, and getting visibly thin at the crown area. First off... the tingly feeling at first goes away after a few uses. The shampoo has no pleasant or unpleasant smell, so don't expect your significant other to stick their nose in your hair and be allured in by the normal girly smells that come so easily with the over the counter products. Now for the important item...performance.... keeping in mind that I wasn't very good at using the conditioner or leave in scalp treatment, my review is only for the shampoo. I used it almost daily for the last year. I was pleasantly surprised I could see difference in my hair growth in 3-4 months. Yes... it's a long time, but think about how long it takes to grow hair! In my experience, it will not prevent breakage and will not prevent hair loss (especially due to stress... ehem (guilty)... or any medical issues. It just helps hair grow out strong and gives your scalp a little umph. Do not buy this product with unrealistic expectations, as you will be disappointed, and be patient! I'm probably going to switch to a volumizing and clarifying shampoo to supplement my routine. Also.... get a really good conditioner (I use mine on just the tips).

  • Helen Stott-oleary - A Great Gift for a Great Grandson

    This book was a gift for my Great Grandson. He was very thrilled to receive this gift. At school you had to share this book and you couldn't take it home and you had to share with the whole class. He was so happy to receive his own personal copy and could read it whenever he wanted and for how long he wanted to. Kids love this book! The look on his face was so worth it.

  • Amazon Customer - This kit is great, saves a lot of time with clean up ...

    This kit is great, saves a lot of time with clean up and the holes are cut smooth. Definitely beats cutting holes all day with a jab saw!!

  • Tricia - Nice Game; Somewhat Frustrating.

    Bought this to learn guitar, and I do think that it has helped slightly. I love that it goes through different tunings that you can play your guitar in. My biggest gripe is that the game will decide what the difficulty is; If you are doing well, it will change the difficulty so that you can learn, however I absolutely HATE that it changes the difficulty in the middle of a song. It messes me up, because I start to remember what I'm supposed to be playing, and all the sudden, that one pluck becomes a chord, with three extra beats, and while I'm adjusting to the new difficulty, I miss so many that it goes back down. Wish it was more like RockBand/Guitar Hero in that sense. if there's a way to override this, and manually select the difficulty, it would be a lot more fun (if you have the game, and that is an option, please let me know!). I do think this has helped me better myself at playing guitar, but only slightly since I don't play often due to it frustrating me.

  • 55bird - Starts, runs, & generates A+. Very dependable.

    I needed a continuous 3-Kw. This model does not have 240 volt and for me, the 120 at 30 amps (with surge capacity) fits my uses. Calling it a "Chonda" is okay as this one is as good as my Honda any day and at a significantly lower cost. Only thing to remember is you need a small funnel with a hose to add or change oil. (It does not seem to use any oil and is frugal on gas.) Delivery was fast too. If/when I need another gen set, I will look in this direction first.

  • Halim Amazon - Outstanding!

    We use it for our twins and cannot be more satisfied. It may take more time to get all of the mucos and boogers when they are dried out, but just keeping at it for a few minutes on and off so the baby doesn't get too irritated eventually gets them out. You may have to manuever the nozzle slightly up/down/back/forth to speed up the process.