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Welcome to Humber NHS Foundation Trust - Humber NHS Foundation Trust provides a variety of services for people with mental health problems, learning disabilities, addictions and community services. Information including the details of employment, patient experience, services and contact.

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  • Timothy Wiggins - This Did NOT Come As It Should

    There is a problem with a working screen that Roxio is aware of for this that can only be used with certain sized screens. It sucks that they have not created a fix for it, so you're stuck with it. You wouldn't know it until you went to use that particular video preparation program. Not only that, the other program it was to come with came with no working key. Roxio is slipping.

  • Amazon Customer - Fantastic Racket

    Best Racket I've played with, recommend it highly! Great Sweet spot and most importantly, very easy on elbows and no vibrations felt, the ball just returns with power! Good control, I play with a lot placement of "spin" and drop shots! Also, for those who like good looking rackets, this one stand out, great color designed. Comes without stringing, so you can have the correct strings and tension to fit your game. All in all, best racket I've used!

  • Lost Customer - My biggest question is: why is the Kindle version ...

    My biggest question is: why is the Kindle version $6 more than the print? Print is harmful to the environment (glossy magazines are what produce that awful rotten egg scent that engulf entire mill towns) and it's an insult to the consumer when electronic versions cost a tiny fraction of what print does. Not to mention the mailman's back. None of this makes sense. I only buy Kindle versions and never when they cost more than print.

  • Sibelius - Liking the look and feel (medium-length, male hair)

    If you've ever been curious about Fekkai hair care products, this particular glossing starter kit is a more than adequate way to give these high-end hair products a try. This 3 piece set is meant to bring a glossed, shiny look to your hair and comes with a pleasant smelling shampoo, conditioner and a tube of styling cream. Note that the shampoo/conditioner come in 4 ounce bottles while the cream is 2 ounces.