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  • I couldn't put it down! - I couldn't put it down!

    It's been a long time since I came across a book that I couldn't put down. Despite all the more recent books about Shackleton, Alfred Lansing's book is still wonderful. He creates a sort of suspense so you are constantly wondering what will happen next to this band of star-crossed but determined explorers, what harrowing hardship will they overcome next? . I couldn't help musing whether I would behave as bravely in their situation. A great read!

  • Amazon Customer - I received the instructor manual after searching through titles of ...

    I received the instructor manual after searching through titles of the student edition. The specific student edition I needed was not immediately available, so other options were offered to me, tagged as similar options. They were unable to be used

  • Amazon Customer - Bloated and Constipated

    Horrible product! It "don't" work and man the abdominal pain from being bloated and constipated kept me up all night the last time I took it. Save your money, this product is a no, no.

  • Amazon Customer - I was not very happy after checking amazon and found it priced for half ...

    I bought this product after an Jewish sales man came up to me and put a dabble on my face and hands and wiped it puff with towel. I have say I have nothing against the product but for the price that he gave me there on the spot is 140.00 for this peeling facial bottle. I was not very happy after checking amazon and found it priced for half the price. Granted he threw in two other product and said they free. I did not like how pushy he was and I would not go back to buy the product again. If I end up liking the product, I will purchase at amazon and avoid these pushy sales man and women that they hire. I feel like I was ripped off and lied to.

  • Captain Eddie - Meh- OK but not worth the price

    I have been battling poison ivy for about 50 years. Because I spend a lot of time working out of doors, I get into the stuff at least once per summer and sometimes more. Many times, if I know I have been around the plants, I get in a shower with lots of soap, and often "dodge the bullet". Other times, I get a humdinger of a rash, and the reaction becomes systemic; my system freaks out and welts will appear many days later in areas that weren't even exposed. There have been times that my entire body, except palms and soles, was covered.

  • M. Leichliter - Duro Star DS4000S 4,000 Watt 7.0 OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator

    I encountered the following issues with the generator I received on July 31, 2012 via UPS and purchased through Amazon.com.