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  • Steven A. Malinowski - I used One Lube on the bathroom door years ago ...

    I used One Lube on the bathroom door years ago. For years afterwards the door would close itself under force of gravity. Nothing else I tried would cause that (due to exceptional lubrication). It got rid of the squeaks, too. I'd use it on cabinet hinges for squeak-free results. I now plan to use it to lubricate my motorcycle cables and motorcycle drive chain.

  • Allison - Good! Easy formatting

    I like it. I started with the Gospel according to St. John because it was Easter time when I downloaded it and I wanted to compare the differences between John's story and the other gospels. The sermon on Sunday recently had a mention about the contrast between the "writers" and it was fascinating. Go, Father Stan! But I digress. Back to the book: I like the way there are footnotes and if you click on a little number by a sentence, then you go to the footnote, and then can go back and continue reading. It took me a while to figure out how to get back, since it did not occur to me to just hit the back button on the Kindle Fire (1st generation), so I got lost a few times by going from footnote to footnote. And you have to be careful while you are reading. You touch the page on the right side to page forward to the next page (that is usual in the Kindle Fire) and if you are not careful and there is a footnote number where you touch, then it can catapult you into a footnote page.

  • PlantBasedStarChild - *WARNING* After just about 2 years of using my screen is flickering.

    Update I changed my 5 star rating to a 1 star rating: A real excellent replacement for my Samsung 42 inch that went out to early & I will never purchase another Samsung TV, but this LG TV was working excellent so I thought. *Update:* I purchased this tv in Nov 2014 & it is now July 2016 and I'm having a problem with the screen flickering in the middle of the screen like a led is going out or either a board or something. I am pissed because I just replaced my old samsung lcd tv with this one and this LG has not even lasted 2 years and the screen is obviously already going out because it is flickering in the middle of the led screen. Another company that I am adding to my list to NEVER PURCHASE FROM LG AGAIN. I was totally find with the tv before this problem, but good god it is already going out and it is little over 2 years and the dang on tv is already going out. Please all companies will you stop making crap products because I am totally sick and tired of wasting/throwing my hard earned money away. I'm so fed up with buying flat screen tv's that I'm thing about purchasing a hd projector instead and or a large computer monitor because I have never went wrong with computer monitors and hd projectors, my current hd projectors leds are going darker and it has lasted me for a long time so I can't even complain about my hd projector, but I am seriously thinking about buying a new hd projector then to buy another flat screen tv that is only going to burn out again and just think this LG and my old Samsung are name brand and still went out before time and I am totally fed up with these crappy made flat screen tv's because they seem to all be junk especially in this price range. P.S (Yes I have tried new HDMI cables and different set top boxes/computers and dish network boxes and still flicker in the middle of the screen, SUCKS. Don't Purchase This Junk Because You Will Be Sorry, Like I Am Right Now. Does not even deserve 1

  • Richard Trinh - Recipes vs CookBook

    Most of the recipes in this book seem like they were copied over from the Visual Studio 2005 version. Granted I don't have the 2005 version but I wanted to see more examples using Lambda Expressions and leveraging other .NET 3.X/4.0 features. Although this does leave the book backwards compatible with previous versions of .NET

  • Harmonious Avenger - Ugly as Sin but Works

    First the good: Studio 2012 runs WAY faster than 2010 (which I found unusable). Also, like 2010 you can put editor windows out of the main frame which is a huge productivity boost for large projects.

  • L. Koehn - Works Great!!

    I've been using this product for a couple of months now and really like it. My hair feels much healthier. After about a week of use I have to use my regular shampoo because I feel like a get a build up. When I use my regular shampoo I can really tell just how much more drying it is on my hair.

  • Theodore Torres - This stuff is amazing! ...

    I've never been "regular" in my life, but this product is producing remarkable results, often 1 to 2 times per day. The benefits started the next day. There are no laxative-type side effects such as cramping. There is no discomfort, just a natural-feeling cleansing. Incredible. I haven't weighed myself, but I'd imagine it's impossible not to lose at least a couple of pounds, considering the activity this produces. Overall, I'm totally thrilled with this and would never be without it.