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Indian Journal of Medical Informatics - Indian Journal of Medical Informatics (IJMI) is an Open Access, peer-reviewed, online journal adopting a broad definition of "medical informatics" and focusing on the applied aspects of computers to healthcare delivery.

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  • James Harris - I love nearly everything about this game

    I love nearly everything about this game. I only wish the online store offered a wider variety of songs to expand my library. The songs do get a little bit old after a while.

  • YRRB - I'm in Love.

    This is my second bottle of this product, this is the best oil I have ever tried in my hair. I use around 3 pumps for my entire hair and then I blow dry. The results are incredible, it hides my split ends, hydrates my hair and it is incredible soft. I usually put some product really close to my roots and I doesnt make it greasy. I love this product so much I made my mom tried it and she loves it now.

  • Thomas Lee - Great Book!

    Loved loved loved loved it! As a person who thought taking the ACT was a joke compared to SAT, this book sure proved me wrong! Not only did it show me the format and types of questions I will encounter, it showed me that the ACT was not a test to be taken lightly. Perfect book and you won't fall asleep reading it since they incorporated so much comedy into it! Would prefer more practice questions though, I had to get a seperate book for more practice.

  • David Duman - Dont let the monster out!

    We had a 4 years old cat and we adopted a kitten from shelter. They could not get along at the beginning and our vet recommended this to calm the cats down.

  • justpat - MSStreets and Trips 2013

    I loaded 2013 on three computers, two laptops and one desktop. I have not had any trouble. I bought the Glosat 353 and could not get it to down load and returned it. I should have bought the GPS version. I have had earlier version and never had a problem. My problem now is trying to get info about buying a ms gps reciever for what I have now.

  • KayGe - Breath Appeal

    I have been using Breath Appeal for about a year now. I used to be very self-conscious about my bad breath. Therefore I tried everything including gums, mints, and mouth wash but nothing worked. It all changed once I found Breath Appeal. I am extremely satisfied and I definitely recommend this product to everyone who deals with the same problem.