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  • Jennifer - loved it

    This had me on edge the whole time and even brought me to tears when I thought mayhem died glad that everything turned out good for everybody in the end can't wait for what's next

  • Alicia Hopkins - Highly recommend!

    These are great vitamins. I like the ingredients, I feel like they are well represented and at worthwhile dosages. I'll spare you the details of the ingredients here as you can obviously read them above. I'm not actually pregnant at this time or planning to become pregnant any time soon, but I've been told that a pre-natal vitamin is the best choice in general for women of child-bearing age. The dosage is 2 capsules, and I have personally found them to be extremely easy to swallow and without any unpleasant aftertaste. I have not experienced any stomach upset as I have with some other multi-vitamins nor constipation though they do contain a small amount of iron. I would recommend these to any woman of child bearing years with or without a current or future anticipated pregnancy.

  • Classy Mamma - We love the family "fights"

    Santa sent one for every family member! We love the family "fights". Do recommend getting the extra bullets tho'. This version is great to load on the run. Can sting if too close to exposed skin. For the sensitive in the family- we have them put on 2 sweatshirts when we war (to soften the sting).

  • kalyno - Favorite annual gift

    We always get our son a New Yorker Calendar for Christmas. He looks forward to getting one that he can enjoy all year long.

  • Karen - Karen, Career Counselor and Coach

    As a coach and a counselor I have used Parachute, for many years in its various reincarnations. I was looking forward to a major revision in its 2005 version and I must say that I am disappointed.

  • Amazon Customer - It is the standard for beauty school.

    Milady's Standard is the Standard and taught in most beauty schools. This new version is complete and the new addition of color photographic pages is nice.