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  • Ed Klopfenstein - I bought it because I had to

    This software is the worst because it's sticky. Once your data is in its clutches, you can't pull it out. You have to start over and be forced to fork over money each year for the dreaded upgrade. And this, from a 10 year veteran of this garbage.

  • Sunnyite - Good but for Bump in the Oven

    I wanted a stainless steel pan and that's what this is. It cleans easily and always looks nice. For some reason, every time I put it into the oven, it makes a big noise and sort of rattles the pan around, though only for a few seconds. I've gotten used to it but am a little discouraged that this big band has to occur. It does not happen with anything else we put in the oven.

  • Charles Mclean - 2) Get a comfortable chair. 3) Use a spray bottle to wet ...

    $20, + 2 hours = Factory New. Read the instructions first. 1) There are two white cloths, separate them before starting. 2) Get a comfortable chair. 3) Use a spray bottle to wet the surface and the sandpaper, use a hose to rinse the whole thing. 4) Re-wet the applicator cloth after each swipe.

  • Danielle - Great fit! Would recommend

    Perfect! It fit my Keurig Elite K40 Single Serve Coffeemaker. Now I can brew my coffee and hot chocolate.

  • D Sullivan - A knife is only as good as it's sheath.

    ZERO stars on the sheath, 2 stars on the knife. The sheath is plastic China junk. The knife rattles in the sheath, the cheap plastic adjustment feels like it will break. The edge on the knife was ground uneven and not very sharp. The only way I would ever wear this knife is if I found another sheath. I would recommend saving your money and purchase this knife instead, much better and $10 less! The overall length is a little longer, but the sheath and knife are awesome. "Cold Steel Kobun Black Kraton Handle"

  • Rosie Rosebud - Banal and blah

    This is the worst of vampire stories. Boring, plodding, horrible characters, everything totally predictable. Heroine is stupid and, of course, gorgeous. Hero is stupid and, of course, handsome. She will convince him to give up his horrible ways merely with her beauty. Yuk. The worst. I had to start the book over the next morning because it was so bad, I couldn't remember it. Yep. It was still God-awful.

  • Peggy Adkisson - The Joovy is groovy!

    The Joovy is groovy! Lightweight and easy to maneuver this sleek stroller is functional and looks great.