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Lung Cancer Online Home Page - Lung Cancer Online is a directory of information and resources for lung cancer patients and their families.

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  • Amazon Customer - Works good for what we use it for.

    We use this for when we have our family reunion. We always have instruments there and some of us that play in bands now so we use this program to get the additional sounds we want to add for the instruments that are not with us. It works well and the sound is just as good as having that instrument with us. It was easy to load the program and easy to use. You do need to register this program to use all the features but you only have to do it once and of course you can do it online. It only takes a few minutes. If you are having slow connections, lag time between each sound, it's your computer, not this program. This was much less costly than the download because other people had it for sale for about half that price.

  • Jeff - Mcafee or Norton?

    I really think Mcafee may do a better job than Norton when it comes to spotting dangerous web-sites. If I am going to a web site that may be 'dirty' Mcafee immediately sends a flag up to let me know that it could be bad news to go there. Norton does not do this as often. Right now I am using both but next time I may just go with the McAfee. A person should use one or the other as getting a virus is a royal pain in the butt and it can happen very easily. Getting rid of it is also a pain.

  • Thomas Hathaway - It does what it says it will do.

    As long as you accept the fact that this is not a permanent repair, Head Gasket Fix does everything it claims to do. By far the easiest to use. You don't have to remove thermostats or purge out all traces of anti-freeze, you just pour it in the radiator and idle the engine for 10 to 15 minutes. I have a problem engine with a serious head gasket issue. I replaced the heads (very expensive) hoping for a permanent fix; didn't happen. Within three weeks, I had the same overheating/head gasket issues. In desperation, I tried using pour-in fixes to keep me mobile; including some costing four times what BarsLeaks Head Gasket Fix costs. BarLeaks works the best. It will last three to four months before breaking down and requiring another application. I still have to baby the engine – keep the radiator topped up, no high speed crossings of the desert, no extended idling in the summer heat - but at $25 a bottle it works for me. I wish I knew about BarsLeaks Head Gasket Fix before I spent $2,000+ on new heads.

  • JFK1969 - Conspicuous Consumption

    I must admit, that when I first bought this shirt, I thought it was the very pinnacle of human achievement. And I was bursting with pride that this great nation created such a marvel. But then, on a missionary trip to Africa, I saw kids so poor, they had no wolves on their shirts. No wolves at all. Yet I had three. And a moon. I wept in shame.

  • John Eire - Decent, if not grindy, RPG experience

    This game has been advertised as a spiritual successor to Tri-ace's beloved Valkyrie Profile. In many ways, it is - the battle system and character based story are ripped straight from the VP franchise, and the 2D dungeon exploration is also very similar. The game differs from Valkyrie Profile in its setting and tone; whereas VP was heavily steeped in Norse mythology and offered a fantasy setting, Exist Archive is a pure sci-fi adventure taking place on on an alien planet. The caveat to Exist Archive's plot is that the playable cast are all natives of real world Tokyo, offering a parallel to Valkyrie Profile's real life and afterlife and linking the story much more closely to reality.

  • Megan - awesome product

    I was hesitant to invest in this but was trying to do a good deed for my friend who sells it. I could immediately tell a difference in skin tone, any fine crevasses were minimized, and my face had a healthy glow to it. I waited two weeks and decided to buy a box...best decision. Sunday facials : )

  • MrVenom - You Have A Clear Choice - Meet Your Needs

    I own this blade and the competitor, the BakBlade. I have used them both already a dozen times and I can give a real comparison.