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  • C. Kinney - Seriously mind active game

    I truly love playing! I do wish you had more lives but the games is so interesting and not so hard you finally have to quit playing..like some others..so far I look forward to the game!

  • Belinda Ray - Disappointed

    I bought 2. They are hit and miss as to how much they actually warm up and how long they stay warm. Very messy to try to fill, always end up with lighter fluid running down the sides. I have had only one good day where one of them got truly warm and served the purpose for which I bought it. I don't like smelling like lighter fluid, should have expected it though I guess since that is the fuel source. Just not as good as I hoped they would be.

  • Book Addict 619 - Took me back to High School and all the emotions!!! A MUST read!!!!!

    I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book and somehow I was lucky enough to receive an ARC, that I proceeded to devour in a little over a day. I had a bit of an idea on what this book was about. A boy and a girl that get matched up as pen pals in fifth grade and continue to write all through out the rest of grade school, junior high and high school. They form this great friendship and I thought for sure that boy would meet girl face to face and fall in love. But hello duh we're talking about Penelope Douglas here and she wouldn't write anything so cookie cutter, lol. This book was soooo much more than boy meets girl he's been writing to for years and falls in love. This book hits on abandonment issues, loss, grief, anger, self-esteem issues, insecurities, and secrets. I really have to applaud Penelope for hitting on the issues that so many of our adolescents go through while growing up and trying to figure out who they are. I know that some people may dislike Ryen at first and than come to like her. But I liked her from the beginning, I could really relate to her. I saw myself in her and it really broke my heart but also healed it. I'm sooo far past the girl I was in junior high and part of high school. I started shedding that girl in high school but I know that for many girls and women it takes them a little longer. I hope that this book speaks to them as they read it. I loved that along with getting to know Ryen and Misha we also got to solve a couple little mysteries along the way that really helped these characters as well as a couple of secondary characters grow and start to break free of their cliques and stand out. I also really loved that even though this is a standalone book that there was a connection to the characters in Corrupt. If you've never read a Penelope Douglas book then take a chance and pick up this one. I know that if you have read Penelope before that you'll be snapping this book up and loving it. Thank you Penelope for constantly pushing the boundaries of your writing and interweaving topics we can relate to in such a smart way.

  • John T Lehman - GREAT knife, very sharp

    Just like you would expect from an American made Buck knife! Excellent quality, very attractive, VERY ergonomic. It definately gets the guts out!

  • Damascus Cain - Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about ...

    Excellent DE, everything you hear that is good about DE is all true. It does cure candida, it does make you hair and nails grow like weeds, it does stop gray hair and balding, it does rid the body of mercury and other metals, it does kill worms, parasites and fungus (dries all this stuff up).

  • jessiesmom - Not Mark Edwards Best

    I did *not* receive an advanced reader copy as did most of the reviewers to date. I am a huge Mark Edwards fan and have read all of his books. This was my least favorite. The main character was almost unbelievable in her actions and I felt that the plot was predictable. A fast read and there was some good suspense, but overall not one of my faves.