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  • James Kim - Favorite Diaper Cream

    Review by Wife- Triple Paste was recommended by a friend when I was battling recurrent almost-diaper-rash-but-not-really irritated baby skin. Love how it applies so smoothly. It gives the baby's skin some time to heal. Pretty much, apply a thin layer of Triple Paste when you see pink, & by the next diaper change it'll be gone! TADAAAAA

  • Sarah M Rush - 49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money

    Save your money. I spent $46.49 at my local Pharmacy for this product and this product did nothing except waste my money. Burt's Bees Poison Ivy Soap ($7) plus calamine lotion ($5) plus benedryl ($6) does a much better job (if you don't need to go to the Doctor for a shot).

  • ThatLAchick - Worth the $$$

    I've seen numerous reviews on this product and decided to final purchase it for my daughters hair. 8 years ago I used Mango Butter religiously on her to keep her curls and hair moisturize. About 6 years ago they reformulated that product and it doesn't work well at all. I've spent a small fortune buying hair cremes, and pudding that will keep the hair curly and moisturize and none have work. Most dry the hair out. This is the first product in 6 years that actually works! Her hair is soft to the touch when she returns home from school and the next day. It even has a great scent. This is well worth the price

  • Keokikealii - I someway was missing what I had enjoyed, which was the water flossing

    First off, I don't leave reviews on every item that I purchase at Amazon, but, after receiving my purchase of the H2ofloss which I ordered from Amazon, I just felt compelled to respond. I originally had purchased a water floss item from Water-Pic several years ago. It was OK at the time, although being somewhat noisy. It did lastly me several years, but due to it's somewhat noisy feature, was put away for a while. I someway was missing what I had enjoyed, which was the water flossing, but not the noise that accompanied that pleasure. A trip to the dentist revealed that I was not flossing properly and had accumulated a problem. I knew then and there that I had to try and see if there was a water flossing machine that would solve my problem. After searching the many machine's available on Amazon.Com, I came upon the H2ofloss unit. I decided to take a chance and order it. Well, I was amazed by what I received. because it was first off QUIET, which really pleased me, had several tips to do a multitude of things, and was extremely easy to use. I was in love with this this machine. I would recommend this machine to EVERYONE!

  • Keith - nice bike

    When the bicycle arrived, way sooner than anticipated, I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. I had it done in about 20 minutes. I ordered the 22" extra tall bike, and that is exactly what I got. I was surprised at the height, and I love it. It shifts smooth, both up, and down, and the front derailleur, works just as smooth as the back does. With both wheels having the disk brakes, the ease of stopping is amazing, and smooth. The seat seems a little hard, but, I haven't rode for a couple of years, so I am sure that I will get accustomed to it. It is a wonderful bike, and, the miles seem to just fall behind riding it. I highly recommend this bike to all who love to feel the wind in their face. Thank you.