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    I had trouble finding this formulation of Relacore, which I prefer over the other two. With consistent use, there is a remarkable difference in inches and tone in the midsection. Less bloating, less muffin top. I will reorder this product as needed.

  • Burfam - Why change formula that is medically necessary?!

    Absolutely disgusted with the change in formula. You really expect us to believe that with as much profit as your company is making on regular formula, you can't help but raise the price on people that NEED this special kind? No one is on this that doesn't absolutely need it. No one buys it just for fun or because it tastes better... we buy it because our children require it. Speaking of which, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU THEN CHANGE IT? Why would you make it different? My son is on a very special diet with a very particular amount of formula, thickener, medicine, ect., and now with these changes to the actual formula, I will have to experiment and re-calibrate the whole process. Do you realize how hard that is for me and my upset, crying, tired, baby that is in pain? How many sleepless nights it will take me to get it just right again?

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    Very easy to install. Took less than 5 minutes to do so. I love the constant protection of all of my home PC's and smart phones and tablets. Easy to see what trojans, adware, etc programs were found during the scans by Livesafe and were quarantined. Lots of improvements over past versions, and with the unlimited applications to all of my devices, this is an extremely affordable protection package to buy in order to make sure everything I own is safe.

  • Rodney Shuck - Looove It

    I have played a lot of these match games most are lame or after your money to be able to play them. So far I have had a good experience from this App. Only on level 13 so far but I have had a lot of fun so far I will update my review as time goes on. 68 yr. Old man.

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    I have very dark brown hair. It is difficult to get me bleached to very blonde. There is always a residual yellow cast that I have to deal with. This shampoo makes a real difference. Even though the directions don't recommend daily use I do use it daily and have never gotten a purple color on my hair. It is a gentle shampoo and seems to even improve my hair's condition. I like the conditioner as well.