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  • S. Goff - It didn't work for Mouse...

    I want to first say that I am a real customer - I wasn't paid to write a review and won't receive anything in exchange (there has been some speculation with this product). My cat was diagnosed last fall with hyperthyroidism by my vet via a blood test. I was given methimazole and everything was going well. About a month ago, I had her T4 levels checked, and they were right on but her kidney levels were starting to rise. The doctor was concerned. I figured it was a cross between the medicine and the dried cat food (she is very picky about food and refuses to eat canned!). I asked the "vet" on Pet Wellbeing's website about cutting the methimazole dosage in half and supplementing with Thyroid Gold. She agreed that this was a safe way to proceed. Two days in, I noticed that she was less lethargic and her coat was really shiny and beautiful. I had almost forgotten what she was like off of medicine! That didn't last, by day 4 she was curled upon the couch and refusing to eat. I quickly took action and got her off of Thyroid Gold and back onto the normal doses of methimazole. It took a week of constant hand-feeding of homemade bone broth, liquid probiotic, and water to get her back on her feet again. I am not sure what happened but she is doing much better. I go in for another blood test next month and will report back if anything strange shows up. I would have liked to have tried Thyriod Gold when I first got her diagnoses, before she was on medication, it might have been beneficial.

  • Litig8r1978 - A must-have item for your car

    I like to keep my car's interior as pristine as possible. As soon as I bought my new Ford Fusion, I purchased these Weathertech mats for them The mats fit my car's interior perfectly, keep dirt, water and mud off the auto's carpet and are easy to clean. I'd recommend these mats to you.

  • L. Stacie Vang - didnt work

    i put this in my drawers and the mice returned. the mice eventually left on their own. the scent is not too bad but it isn't ideal either.