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  • Barbara A Danielson - unsafe, rotten customer service

    I'm on my second PIC and have had it a little over a month and the thermostat is messing up. hot, hot, burn then down, down, down sitting on a cold pan. I don't EVER want to talk to anyone there again. If I stand there and keep adjusting the heat I can get meal. Don't trust it for melting chocolate or making yogurt. My fried chicken sat in cold grease, till I turned it up, then down, then up. Buy a different brand. I have a commercial cooking background and know how to cook on induction. This is a bad product.

  • Amy K - Works as intended

    I tried my boyfriend's waterpik prior to purchasing this model, but I LOVED how much waterpiks tend to remove in between the teeth/gums. Granted, the two are different models, but this one functions in quite the same way. It is not as quiet as the description made it seem, in fact, it was actually quite noisy. However, it did the job it was intended to do, and I am SO excited to substitute this in for flossing. The tips included are awesome, and I cannot wait to put a use to them all (once I figure out what they do). I was a little confused with the things that we can use to put the other tips in, so I just ended up nixing that idea and threw them all into the other container haphazardly. :D

  • Whitney Jones - Not the greatest Lego game.

    This Lego game went downhill. The Lego Hobbit was so amazing, then this one took a step down. In Lego Jurassic World, you have to find almost everything in the open world, which makes the levels super boring, they should have split it better.

  • Doctor Time - Even with all the problems recently,,,,,I still love it

    I have been doing NetFlix for at least ten years, and even with all there shooting themselves in the foot recently, I still love the way they take care of their customers. Last week my next in the que movie wasn't available locally so an e-mail told me they were rushing another movie from their local warehouse for me to enjoy till my desired one came from across the county. Great customer service.

  • KFan - ... these to train for a marathon which have much better arch support for my high arches

    After running three half marathons in my old Pumas I upgraded to these to train for a marathon which have much better arch support for my high arches.