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NRC Homepage - The NITAG Resource Center supports evidence-informed decision making for immunization policies and promotes a worldwide network of National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups

  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/who-we-are Who We Are - The interactive map displays the status of NITAGs worldwide. The partners supporting evidence-informed decision making by immunization technical committees are described below
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/create-nitag NRC : National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups - Essential documents and information needed for NITAG establishment, strengthening, and evaluation.
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/media-center NRC : Media Center - The NRC media center contains NITAG documentation, guidelines, reports, scientific publications, systematic reviews, trainings and position papers, available to everyone.
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/news-and-events NRC : News and Events - To stay informed about NITAGs and evidence-informed immunization, check out the upcoming events, latest news and agenda of partners.
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/news-and-events/news/92-zimnitag-is-back-on-track News: ZIMNITAG is back on track - <p>The Zimbabwe NITAG (ZIMNITAG) was restructured in July 2016 and successfully held its first meeting on the 5th of August, 2016. The meeting was attended by 7 Core members, 1 Liaison and 1 Secretari...
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/news-and-events/events/150-eighth-edctp-forum Event: Eighth EDCTP Forum - Defeating poverty-related and neglected diseases in Africa: harnessing research for evidence-informed policies
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/news-and-events/events NRC : Events - To stay informed about NITAGs and evidence-informed immunization, check out the latest news and agenda of partners.
  • http://www.nitag-resource.org/contact NRC : Contact Us - Contact us if you have any questions about National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups

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