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Northwest Fisheries Science Center Home Page - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - Northwest Fisheries Science Center is one of six regional Science Centers for NOAA Fisheries. NOAA Fisheries Service, also referred to as the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), is a branch of the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration in the Department of Commerce.

  • Conservation Biology Division - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - The Conservation Biology Division focuses on the preservation of the biological diversity found in the living marine resources. - NWFSC
  • Fish Ecology Division - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - The Fish Ecology Division focuses on understanding the complex ecological linkages between commercially and recreationally important marine and anadromous fishery resources of the Pacific Northwest and their habitats. - NWFSC
  • Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - The Fishery Resource Analysis and Monitoring Division provides the scientific basis for determination of ecologically-safe and economically-valuable harvest levels for west coast fisheries. - NWFSC
  • Scientific Publications - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - NWFSC scientific publications include journal articles, technical memoranda, contract reports and chapters/section in other publications. - NWFSC
  • Education - Northwest Fisheries Science Center - Describes NWFSC involvements with the community, student education and resources for teachers. - NWFSC

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -122.2872 Washington, United States

  • BillyBoy - YRY this !

    It's starting to work after 30 days, this stuff works and I take a few medications. I was on expecting it to work and instead wait until I notice any improvement and -- TADA! I can see better. Thanks Amazon !

  • thunfisch - PES 2013 is much better!

    Since "Momentum" and "Scripting" in FIFA annoyed me too much, I decided to switch to PES. Naturally I started with PES 14 and I got very disappointed. The gameplay is very awkward. It's hardly possible to controll your players well and to build up a good offensive or defensive play. There are many flaws which sum up to a big disappointment and prevent enjoying the game at all.

  • DeedleJean - Goal Zero Guide 10 Adventure Kit

    Instruction for Goal Zero Guide Adventure Kit was vague on how to set up, which cable to use for solar charge. After looking at sockets, easy to figure out. After charging for appropriate time, charged up cell phone using MY USB cables and it charged faster then I thought. Also used batteries in portable speakers. Great gift for the holidays, I'm going to buy some for my kids, and more batteries for me. Now waiting for the Goal Zero Escape 150 Power Pack and Lanterns for camping, looking forward to using. Thanks Goal Zero for a Great Product.

  • CarbonFootprint - PS4 cannot hold a candle to PS3

    Had to upgrade to the new PS4 in order to play the new Rockband4 game coming out: boy am I disappointed! The PS4 is a shackled husk of it's former self. The interface is ugly and unwieldy. There is no support for 3D displays, making my 3d TV, games and BluRays superfluous. There is a web browser, but it too is nannied, blocking content and downloads. There is no way to load your purchased movie and TV content onto the hard drive, each viewing streams from their servers, eating up your data allowance. As far as I can tell the only thing this one does that the other one does not is streaming games, and that too will eat up your data plan. And there is much that this version does NOT do that the PS3 did, such as holding all my music content and digital movies offline, an adult-oriented browser, 3D support, I am sure I will find more as I own the device. My recommendation if you liked the PS3 is to buy a couple more of them. They will be sought after in a short time, and probably worth more than a new PS4.

  • Tim C. - Good...but...

    I am really starting to hate these "Book1" type of series. The only author that made each book a standalone and left you wanting more is Elizabeth Hunter. While this was a nice story, it is totally setup to try and get you to buy the rest of the series. The finish is totally unsatisfactory as written.

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    I paid way more for these products at the local mall. i will not buy them there any longer..way better price her by x3! This face peel works so well. I put it on let it set a few and then feel it off. I have no idea how the stuff works but it is like magic! The red sun damage on my nose disappears as well as anything built up on the skin! I have fair freckled skin, that is oily and this stuff is what my daughter and i call the magic cream!

  • K. AU - is doing something...

    I'm EMF sensitive and had to quit my job 4 years ago because of it. I get massive headaches whenever I'm around computers or TVs. I've try one of those bio-electric shield and wasn't effective. It was expensive and I kind of lost hope with these new age health gadgets. I also got a zapper but still experiencing headaches but when I got this earthing mat I feel I can actually work on a computer for the 1st time in a long while. Although not 8 hrs a day but it make a big different. I've been using the mat only for 1 week so far and I also put it under my feet during sleep every night. Will give an update after a month or so. Also I started wearing a copper bracelet for the 1st time for my carpal tunnel and that seem to help a lot. I sure hope to recover soon and get back to work! Am thinking about the Q-link pendant next to add.