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  • Jane- - It's fine...

    I am definitely an excel dummy. In my opinion, this book is a great reference for someone with excel skills or as a supplement to another training version of excel. It does not seem to be designed to be the primary source of excel knowledge building.

  • Alex - A little goes a LONG way!

    This is the best stuff you can use for cleaning just about anything or removing old paint splatters from the floor. Seriously attacks grime; whatever you need it to do, you spray or dab it on and give it a few minutes (depending on the severity of the dirt/paint). Then you can wipe, scrub or scrape away the mess. I've used paper towels, scrub brushes of various materials and an Xacto blade to remove unwanted spills and dirt. I've never used it on clothes.

  • dews - I love the pillows

    I love the pillows , helped hugely with preventing flat head. Perfect up until 3 1/2 months. After that she rolled right out of it. Pillow itself is a small size ,and the hole is small.

  • betty - tummy tuck

    Yes I was excited when I noticed this new product and so I did purchase it and to all the hype it was suppose to help me melt my big belly fat. Well I was dissapointed in the item. The cream say's it will help melt and contiue when you are through with a few simple excese's and it did not work so I would not recemmoned it for the price that I paid for it. thanks

  • BRUCE ATKINS - Absolutely working

    Absolutely incredible mask sheet this one. My skin feels soft and cleaner immediately after use, and it’s so incredibly relaxing. I have oily skin with some spots that linger on after exposure to the sun. I find it horrible when the redness is added to the oily complexion. Using mothermade mask sheets is a new remedy I found through internet and I am glad it is there. Once I use the mask I don’t need to worry about redness for at least a couple of days. I don’t feel any bad reaction or tingling on my oily face after using rather it gives me sort of tone that is much balanced. As good as it feels afterwards, the experience of soothing while wearing it is not any less rewarding either. For best result, you will have to keep it cool in the fridge for half an hour. You will feel the difference.