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  • ConnieWood - Excellent

    I too the Energy Greens for many months and noticed a big difference in my energy level at first, and kept feeling good the whole time. I ran out and tried to find something similar at stores. I looked everywhere and found nothing, so I am back on the "Greens". I think the powder absorbes better in my system than a pill or capsule. Even though I try to eat healthy the "Greens" fill in what I miss and I feel good again.

  • subrosax - My dog loves the smell.

    My normally genteel Labrador went mad for this product and would have eagerly opened the package himself had I not snatched it from his jaws. As others have mentioned, you can smell Liquid Ass right through the shipping envelope. No doubt, the smooth mix of cat feces, dead squirrels, used diapers and rotting fish food led my dog to believe that paradise had arrived in the post, and I have spent every day since trying to disabuse him of this notion.

  • Chris - Super easy to use and looks a thousand times better ...

    Super easy to use and looks a thousand times better now. Saved me from having to call my stupid landlord and stay home half a day to just reseal around my shower. Looks so nice that I did both bathrooms in my house.

  • Noel Flores - purchased as novelty item

    Nuff said, I would not recommend anyone take products that are not prescribed by a doctor for their privates. But it was a hilarious display at the party.

  • michellebell685 - Great solution for mirrors

    I tried to clean all the mirrors in my large bathroom but they always looked dusty. This really works and doesn't leave behind little white specs like all the other glass cleaners I use. Maybe it has something to do with the type of cloth that I use but with this I just use a rag and no streaks. Good for cars too, just make sure you rub it in really well or it will fog up when it rains.

  • ERocko - A high quality case, but a bit too slippery for me.

    The quality of this case is there, but it's a bit too slippery in hand, and on my night stand. The fit is almost too good, as it's difficult to install and remove. The instructions don't show it, but it seems to be best to install the TPU, then the shell over that.

  • Linda M. Paz - Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover-8 oz.

    AWESOME product. Have a little wart on my face and could not get it off. Bought this and it says to not use on face but I did and wham it was gone!!! Worked great.