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    Taking cellfood has been the first thing in the morning to me for 3 years. It helps me feel energetic physically and clear mentally. On top of these benefits, cellfood prevents me from getting a cold in flu seasons while many people are sick around me in workplace. Now, I try every way to share such great results about cellfood to the people I know. Hope you are the one of them and be willing to give it a try.

  • Elizabeth Reichenbach - did not order this

    I did NOT order this nor would I ever. This showed up on my kindle and was charged to my card. I have no intrest in this boring stupid magazine and I feel sorry for anyone who does. I am sure the only way this mag gets sold is by somehow sneaking it on people, like it did me. I HATE IT

  • LuciaLoosh - Cost

    I would, very much, like to use this as advertised. Unfortunately, it came with minimal instructions. I reached out to the website and the forum, seeking help figuring it out. Both were no help. So, it was an expensive machine that sits in its box -- unused.

  • Lauren Drew - I wasn't all that crazy about it and thought maybe I had wasted my money

    I've ordered this item now two different times. At first, I wasn't all that crazy about it and thought maybe I had wasted my money. I stuck it out and mixed things up by adding different fruits and I must say that I have come to really like it. I didn't get it for the Body by Vi Challenge so I can't speak to the effectiveness of that. My purpose was to create smoothies that would be filling enough to make them a meal. The sweet cream flavor is what took some getting used to...I think it would be better if it were vanilla, but eventually I did adjust to the flavor.

  • Bill J - YES!!!

    Ok. I'm a guy and I'll admit that I have incredibly sensitive skin with a very low pain tolerance. That said, I followed the instructions to a t and couldn't be happier with the results. It was a 3.5 hour session, so obviously it didn't last the entire time, but for the first two hours I hardly felt any pain. It felt more like my artist was poking me with a dull pencil (best way I can describe it).

  • Daniel Kh - Commercial success that never stood the test of time

    Many things have been said on the lack of rigor and statistically valid inferences in this book. But it is not the unique problem of this manuscript. Self-helping and cheerleading literature, in general, favors positive examples to "explain" the successes of the past. Hindsight is always 20/20 and everyone knows it.

  • DanMan - Worth Every Penny

    For 399, you can't go wrong. This has become the centerpiece of my entertainment center. All of my blu-rays get played through it; Verizon's Redbox Instant, and Amazon Instant Video services are great; and I use the NHL App to stream live hockey games almost daily. The last movie I rented streamed at 1080p and 5.1 digital audio without a hiccup. The gaming graphics give my 2500 dollar custom PC I built a run for its money thanks to the massive amount of dedicated video RAM; my PC actually has less. Every game will likely be 1080p. I can't wait to try the remastered The Last of Us!! It runs at about 1/3 the temperature of PS3. The only real gripe I have is the required PS+ subscription to play online (only 49.99 per year, though, which is less than 5 a month).