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  • Alan Batten - Don't Do Basic It If You've Ever Used Quicken Deluxe

    My Quicken 2013 died thanks to a virus, so I thought I'd download 2014 and use it instead. Now I had been using Quicken Deluxe, but didn't use most of the program's features, such as investment tracking. So, I thought I'd just use Quicken Basic, because that's all I needed. After paying for the download and installing it, the program says I can't use Basic because I had previously used Deluxe! So, $39 later, I have Deluxe and have paid for a Basic I can't use. After this review was published, Quicken contacted me to tell me about their unconditional money back guarantee of satisfaction. I'm taking advantage of it and kicking my stars up to 4 based on the Quicken Deluxe 2014 performance.

  • Nik G - Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis.

    Be careful if you have digestive tract issues such as IBS or Colitis. I took this just one time, a few drops in water, and it caused my IBS to flare up and made me sick, so obviously I won't be ingesting this anymore. I don't mind the smell, so I might diffuse it, but I doubt that will have any weight loss effect.

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    I received this product at a discounted price of for free for a honest review. This is one of the best camping lamps on the market. You can charge your phone, tablet, anything that can be charged with a USB. It is super LED bright, and can be used as a flashlight as well as a lantern. It has strong magnets and can be hung from anything metal. This lantern has so many uses. We have used it to put up our wooden fence when it got to dark to see. We have used it to look for our wayward cat late at night when she wouldn't come when called. The flashlight shines further than our larger maglite. We have had a blast trying to figure out all the ways that this rechargeable lantern can be used. Trust me when I say that there are way too many to list. Do yourself a favor and buy a couple, because when you start using yours, you will have to buy some as gifts for your favorite people. We have two for emergencies that we keep available and we make sure they are always charged just encase we need them.

  • Michelle - Good little Laptop

    For the price, this a good day to day laptop. I can play games on Facebook with no problems. The only thing that made me to give a 4 star instead of 5 is that the keyboard is not back-lit so until you type you don't know if your are typing with lower or upper cases. Other then that, I will give it a clean swipe ( came loaded with loads of crap), and will be good to go. Keyboard is easy on typing, since I type very fast, colors are good, again , for this price, don't expect a gaming computer, but for school, and everyday surfing, watching movies on Netflix or Amazon video, this is a good laptop !