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  • Jules - I love this serum so

    I love this serum so, so much. I was using another, way more $$$ serum from SkinCeuticals (that I also reviewed here a while ago), and one day received this as a sample at Target from a No7 beauty person working in the store. I was amazed that this did the same thing as the skinceuticals product (I am relatively new to serums at 48, and needing something to calm my skin after using retin-a, I have just begun to realize what a difference they make). anyway! this stuff is amazing, it makes my skin so much smoother, lessens redness, and prepares it for makeup application like nothing else. i swear it makes my wrinkles way less noticeable, somehow. right now, because i ran out of it, i thought "oh i'll just use some moisturizer" until i get my order online (its a lot cheaper at target and really discounted on drugstore dot com btw), so i didn't have any on today or last night. what a difference, i definitely look way more haggard without it! i just ran to target to buy more because i can't wait 3 days till i receive the one i ordered! i use it in the am and pm.

  • Amazon Customer - PC Matic, The best out there!

    I have had this product for 2 years now, it does a great job and I like the fact it will schedule a full run and remind and update you. I like that there based in the U.S. where as most others are not! Great product....

  • Elizabeth - Totally changed my period

    It was about 6 years ago that my "visits from Aunt Flow" changed from highly irregular - like every 2-3 months - relatively light and didn't last that long, to very regular and have been increasingly heavy. In the last couple years, it's been so bad I would soak through a super Stay Free in an hour, I'd put a puppy pad down in my bathroom so it wouldn't look like a crime scene just getting in and out of the shower, and it would stay that way for 3-4 days. I found Shepherd's Purse and it helped a lot for a while, then kind of stopped doing much, maybe shave a day off the super heavy stuff. So I came back to Amazon and stumbled upon this and thought I'd try it. This is now the 2nd period I've been using this, and it has helped immensely. I take the maximum dosage - 3 capsules 2x a day - which I start at the first sign, and it's much, much lighter and manageable. Haven't even had cramps either time. Went from changing pads about 6 times during the work day to once about lunch time. Not worrying about leakage. Maybe next month I'll even trust it enough to not put down a preventative puppy pad! Just signed up for subscribe & save, hopefully I won't have the same experience as I did with Shepherd's Purse and have it stop working. So far, it's been amazing.

  • Brian - This is a very good way of life, a very good way to burn fat

    I am a 16 year old male. Using the method described in this book I have lost 10 pounds within 2 months. You can eat whatever you want and still lose weight. I found out how to balcance my diet through this book. Thank You Dr. Hart and Mary Kay Grossman.

  • rachelle - Awesome robot

    I think the microNoid , red socket robot is a must have for anyone who likes building and programming electronics. It was very easy to assemble and program. My kids have not stopped playing with it!!

  • Steve - A cheep alternative to the OEM but not quite as good

    Instructions for the 2015 prius c were basically do it your self. The lines on the camera (Red green yellow) are useless, you think you have way more room then you actually do. The camera its self is pretty good in low light and seems solid. I had to drill through the tail gate to route the video wire which worries me as a point for rust to start later on.