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Home | Resuscitation Skills - Resuscitation Skills is a provider of Advanced Life Support , CPR, ACLS, PALS and crisis management simulation and e-learning training solutions for health professionals including GPs, Urgent Care Physicians, Registered Nurses, Paramedics, Dental practitioners and other allied health professionals.

  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses Our Courses | Resuscitation Skills - Resuscitation Skills offers a wide range of accredited courses including Advanced Life Support Refreshers, NZRC Resuscitation courses, ACLS refresher courses both on-site and at our training facility.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/advanced-life-support-courses Advanced Life Support Courses - Our Advanced Life Support courses include the latest Laerdal Simulation technology, CPR manikin that use Q-CPR technology, SIMAN 3G simulation technology and ZOLL defibrillators to provide a realistic training environment in a purpose built simulation facility at Auckland City Hospital or on-site at your facility.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/basic-life-support-courses Basic Life Support Courses - These courses ensures the fundamentals of resuscitation are mastered. For health professional, level 4 skills are taught: Skills include adult and child CPR, management of choking, use of a bag-mask-resuscitator, use of an AED, use of oropharyngeal airways and introduces concepts of good teamwork practices as well as resource management during cardiac arrest. For non-clinical staff , level CPR is taught.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/express-service Express ACLS Recertification | Resuscitation Skills - Need ACLS re-certification in less than 24hrs? We offer an assessed one-to-one ACLS re-certification programme for those who need ACLS in a hurry due to rapid deployment or employment reasons.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/private-bookings Private Bookings | Resuscitation Skills - We can host private bookings for large or small groups at our simulation training centre or at your facility and delivery the full range of Advanced Life Support and simulation based training we offer.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/conference-organisers Conference Organisers | Resuscitation Skills - Organizing a conference with some CME activity? Resuscitation skills has provided Advanced Life Support workshops and expert subject matter presentations for a variety of medical conferences including the ANZCA ASM meeting in 2015, and the RNZCGP annual conference.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/onsite-visits On-Site Simulation| Resuscitation Skills - We run highly tailored on-site simulation training to improve team performance and rehearse the management of a wide range of medical crises.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/course-resources Course Resources | Resuscitation Skills - Useful resources to supplement advanced life support learning. Links to New Zealand Resuscitation Council, cardiac arrest algorithms and open source videos on a wide range of resuscitation products, devices and topics.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/course-resources/anzcor-guidelines ANZCOR Guidelines | Resuscitation Skills - Links to the Australia and New Zealand Resuscitation guidelines for your easy reference
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/course-resources/algorithms-flowcharts-and-calculation-sheets Algorithms, Flowcharts and Calculation Sheets | Resuscitation Skills - Links to NZRC Advanced Life Support algorithms and the Advanced Life Support Group's (APLS) guidelines for paediatric resuscitation
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/course-resources/training-videos Training Multi-Media Links | Resuscitation Skills - Bookmark this page. We have assembled a wide range of open source multi-media video links on a range of clinical topics and devices to further your knowledge and understanding in advanced life support
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/about About Us | Resuscitation Skills - Resuscitation skills offers high quality resuscitation training through the use of innovative training methodologies in a simulation environment. Our philosophy is to develop individual skills, problem solving skills and develop a teams collective performance during medical crises.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/about/company-profile Company | Resuscitation Skills - A leading provider of advanced life support, resuscitation, CPR and simulation training in acute care, team resource management for health professionals such as Doctors, Registered nurses, Dentists, paramedics, off-shore medics and other allied health professionals
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/about/news Latest news at resuscitation skills.com - Follow recent news and developments in our courses and education programmes in CPR, resuscitation, advanced life support, paediatric advanced life support and more.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/contact Contact Us | Resuscitation Skills - Contact us to discuss your advanced life support, advanced cardiac life support training needs or to arrange an on-site simulation, advanced life support or other resuscitation course. We typically respond within the hour and are happy to consider inquiries nationwide.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/advanced-life-support-courses/acls-refresher Advanced Life Support Refresher - This course is facilitated over 4 hours and twenty five minutes and provides re-certification for those who hold an existing and current Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support or NZRC CORE certificate at level 5,6 or 7. Some e-learning pre-course work and assessment is required. Skill stations include: Adult and paediatric Basic Life Support, use of an AED, Airway Management, use of a manual defibrillator, ECG recognition. Cardiac Arrest and peri-arrest simulations are presented in a high fidelity environment where team work is developed.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/advanced-life-support-courses/advanced-cardiac-lifesupport ACLS Provider Course - This full two day ACLS course is specifically design to extend the advanced rescuer in cardiac resuscitation. Topics include: the management of tachyarrythmias, management of bradyarrhythmias, cardiac arrest in special circumstances such as pregnancy, advanced airway management, out-of hospital thrombolysis, management of STEMI and cardiogenic shock as well as advanced concepts of good team work and principles of resource management during medical crises.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/advanced-life-support-courses/coreadvanced-levels-5-7 CORE (Levels 5-7) - CORE Advanced (previous CORE level 4-7) is a NZRC course delivered by accredited instructors. It was reviewed in 2016. CORE advanced is designed for advanced providers of resuscitation and covers a wide range of topics including CPR, use of AED, manual defibrillation, use of intra-osseous needles, advanced airway management, basic ECG recognition and the Advanced Life Support cardiac arrest algorithms for adults and children. Principles of good teamwork during cardiac arrest is also taught.
  • http://www.resuscitationskills.com/our-courses/advanced-life-support-courses/modular-core-certification-level-4 CORE Immediate - CORE Immediate is a course ideal for dental practitioners (who don't perform IV sedation) and registered nurses who work in low acuity areas. The course provides the fundamental skills of resuscitation including CPR, use of an AED, use of bag-mask-resuscitators, use of OPA and LMA and at least four resuscitation scenarios.

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    City: 172.6333 Canterbury, New Zealand

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