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  • Mimi - I love this

    I received this small heater a couple weeks ago and I love it. I know that electricity is expensive and so is oil so I'm caught between "a rock and a hard place". I have not turned my oil heat on yet being a senior citizen and on a very limited income. I hate freezing in the bathroom but can handle chills by turning this great little heater on about 15 minutes before. It's pretty noisy but I can't hear it with the shower running.

  • Patricia A. Best - I was skeptical, but I've been won over

    This is my first Amazon review.....EVER. I started taking this about a month ago...and definitely have noticed an improvement in my digestion. It used to be that whenever I ate out I had digestive problems...might as well not have wasted my money. Since I began taking 2 of these a day, my diarrea has significantly reduced, and although I can't be sure, I think I'm starting to feel better overall. I've just ordered my second box, and am hopeful my good luck continues. I take it in a little bit of water, I can't take just the dry powder (yuk) but when put in a about an ounce or two of water it really isn't bad. I was willing to give this a try, and I hope you will too. (this is in no way a paid endorsement, I'm just a regular gal, with an irregular system).

  • Josh Woodcock - Overall, uncreative. The point is to connect with ...

    Overall, uncreative. The point is to connect with characters and experience near death situations and sometimes disappointments. In this case its just a crazy guy waking main characters. The author could have killed anyone with the situation they put in place. I suppose to them its romantic but to me I think its uncreative and lazy.

  • Amazon Customer - Clearly not good for all areas of your body

    Destroyed my life for a while after using it for anus irritation. It burned as hell, an gave me fever and nausea for over a day. Clearly not good for all areas of your body. Be careful and start with other products.

  • Bob Whitley - Go With Norton And Never Look Back

    This product has caused me more frustration than any other i have used in quite a while.Shortly after installing this my computer slowed down...a lot.I am not running this on some slow computer but rather one with the following specs

  • J. Renken - Pretty good, but has a few cons

    As someone who just recently switched from Wii to Kinect, I have to say this workout game blows Wii out of the water. It's so much better not to have to fumble with the remote. The recognition is pretty darn accurate in the game, though at times I felt it did not count something I was doing (or perhaps I was doing it wrong). It's a lot more fun than the Wii too as it's faster paced and you can choose different types of short workouts and combine them.