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  • J. R. Nixon - Maybe They've Switched Models

    Yes the mount is cheap and yes it holds up my TV and yes it was easy to put up, but that's where the compliments stop. The mount I received can never be level. When it's pushed in it leans one way and when I pull it out it leans the other way. There's no way to adjust that side-to-side tilt of your TV as the joint only adjusts up and down. I had to laugh with the level included b/c all it does is highlight how uneven the mount is. \

  • Cammie W. - Excellent health benefits....

    They really smell like strawberries.The ingredients have excellent health benefits. I didn't use them every single day so thats probably why i didn't get great results, but i figured one bottle wouldn't be enough.

  • Bill - As others said, the gun didnt calibrate

    It's going back to the store after my dad and I spent more than 2 hours trying everything to get the gun to calibrate. Happy father's day... how did this get on the shelves?

  • J. Jones - Unfunny.

    It started out promising but... I ended up fast-fowarding - starting at around the twenty minute mark. If "falling down" humor and fart jokes make your day, you might like this movie. In my opinion, it failed in every way possible. The story was bland. The special effects were overdone and "fakey." The "humor" was juvenile and fell flat. The characters were all repulsive (except maybe for Kristen Wig.) Kristen Wig and Melissa McCarthy had a little bit of chemistry, but every other element of the show was just embarrassingly bad.

  • R Shanks - and are great for trimming my roses back

    I have had to learn how take care of my flower sent my husband passed ,So I need all the help I could get that when I order this Doraville garden shear set ,They are light weight ,and are great for trimming my roses back ,This shears have the spring action handles that make then easier to use. They come in a pack of two which that make it easy to have the right one there for the job. They are sharpen and really to use ,If I can use this anyone can ,They are made of carbon steel and the handles are covered with a rubber grip. And they are heavy duty just what I needed for my flowers I got this product at a discount for my honest and unbiased review

  • Jessica Rodericks - Yup, Align saved me a lot of pain...

    I can't say enough good things about this product! My GI prescribed me a super-strong antibiotic for a wimpy stomach virus, and the drug most likely wiped out all the good bacteria in my system. Basically overnight I was diagnosed with IBS and I was all of a sudden lactose-intolerant. I had always been a healthy young adult, but the next six months were a horror show. I was afraid to drive anywhere, sit in a movie theater, go for a walk in the woods - all because my digestive system was so unpredictable. I even had a few "accidents", which were absolutely humiliating. I was about to call my primary care doctor and get some anti-anxiety meds, because if you have IBS, you know that just thinking about it can cause an attack, then having more frequent attacks causes more anxiety and it just gets out of control! Instead, I started taking Align, which was referred to me by a friend. Within a few months, I was almost back to my old self! I still get worried sometimes, but only if I eat something out of the ordinary or if it has too much dairy in it. But I still can't believe how this drug turned my life around. It's done the same for my friend and my aunt (she was even hospitalized before her husband was referred to Align and he was able to sneak some into the hospital!) Yeah, it's a little expensive, but if you're in dire straights, this drug is totally worth the cost!

  • Stacie Bookhagen - Gets super close!

    I bought this for my dad for Father's Day and he said this is the best trimmer he has ever used and is even better than the one his barber uses! He said it gets so close that you would almost think it is a regular blade razor.