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  • Who's Asking? - Nice

    This cream arrived well packaged, in a nice eye catching New York Biology jar. I really like New York Biology's packaging, it seems so clean and appealing to me. Like nice High end stuff that is gender neutral.

  • Claresse Gehman - I was a little disappointed by the price

    This works very well at covering red spots. I was a little disappointed by the price, as I later found it on QVC in a larger size bottle for half the price. Live and learn!

  • Michael B. Cahill - If you want a reason to hate bad American this book!!!!

    I strongly recommend against buying this book in any form. It was a complete waste of my time and energy. Amazing that someone actually took some degree of care in compiling this material - as something they thought worth reading by someone (anyone) else. The compilation includes a range of "Best American" poems, comics, prose, etc. Perhaps the editor is an advocate of the need to diminish all things American. He succeeded. Sherman Alexie's Best American American Poem "Tin House" is an excellent example of the shallow and inane material included in this collection. Teddy Wayne's "Best American Apocryphal Discussions Between our Nation's Founding Fathers" is trivial but also lifeless. After a few other selected gems like "Best American Tattoo Stories" I gave up and took some joy in throwing this book in the trash.

  • Beaker - Sturdy, well made

    Bought this to remove the paint and rust on my car before I applied the bondo. Saved me a BOATLOAD of time. Ergonomic grip and movable hand helped me get the underside of the vehicle safely without having to put it on a lift. Best of all, doing it myself saved me money and now I owned the tools. I was originally going to buy the more expensive higher amp model, but this is more than enough.

  • Patty - Not for age-related thinning

    It was ineffective for me and a waste of money. At 74 I took Hair Volume for a year to give my hair every opportunity to respond to the nutrients in the tablets, but now I have to say that there was no perceptible improvement. In contrast, Biota shampoo does seem to thicken my hair.