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STNBA - Sociedad de Tisiologia y Neumonologia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires - Sociedad neumonológica sin fines de lucro, destinada a investigación científica ; Fomentar reuniones de los especialistas para discusión y proponer soluciones adecuadas a los mismos de los temas vinculados a la Tisiología y a la Neumonología; analizar los planes de lucha contra dichos morbos de la provincia y proponer su adaptación para el progreso de nuestros sistemas de lucha; fomentar el intercambio con las Asociaciones similares del país y del extranjero; colaborar con las autoridades sanitarias de la provincia con los mismos fines; analizar condiciones del ejercicio de la especialidad, fomentando el cumplimiento de normas científicas, laborales y legales existentes y elaborar soluciones a problemas que se detecten con dicho análisis.

Country:, South America, AR

City: -58.8 Entre Ríos Province, Argentina

  • Tarashop23 - Great Fun

    My kids didnt have this set yet so got a great deal on Amazon with this one. It has great characters, including a Santa on a snowmobile, presents, and lots of characters. The kids are having fun opening each day. Would recommend this one

  • Bill Willard - Good product, did have to take some pliers to ...

    Good product, did have to take some pliers to bend in towards ranger a little bit more,stuck out way too far as arrived....easy installation and looks great ...good investment as I've already replaced a taillight....

  • Joseph O. - Fix it Sony!

    I hope that Sony does some firmware updates to make the camera be able to resolve people better. I bought the game for my daughter, and most of the time it won't see her playing by herself, much less playing with multiple people

  • Charlie - Another great Longmire mystery/novel that leaves you wanting more

    Another great Longmire mystery/novel. Craig Johnson is masterful in weaving informative history and fact into his fiction and richly developing characters to the point that you can visualize and recognize them among "real life" people you know. Like his other novels, you will quickly immerse yourself in it, hate to put it down, can't wait to pick it up, and at the end leaving you wanting more, and more, and more.

  • TrickyDK - Easy to install Windows if you want a larger library to choose from - Or use as is!

    Like other reviewers I installed Windows 10 to get access to the entire library on Steam. Took about 45 minutes since I downloaded the Win10 drivers from Dell prior to installing. The Alpha and Steam Machines are functionally the same items, same drivers. If you want Windows from the start look at the Alienware Alpha systems, the Steam Machines are just slightly different specs and better prices.