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  • T. Coleman - Best eye serum for your eye area

    It's a bit unusual for a man like me to use an eye serum which, generally speaking, is a product for women but I wear contact lenses and my eyes have suffered from a lot of damage over the years. After years of neglect and crappy lifestyles, I finally saw all the damage begin to appear on my skin. I knew that I had to get serious about my skin or suffer from wrinkles for the rest of my life. A friend introduced me to Orogold Cosmetics and I was immediately in love with their products. One product that I found to be really effective was the Orogold 24K Anti-Aging Eye Serum. This product makes your eye area look much more beautiful and younger and gives it a refreshed and rejuvenated look. I use this product and the Orogold Deep Moisturizing Cream on a daily basis.

  • Kevin Wilson - Always reliable

    I'm a fan of Kaspersky AV products because a) they work, b) they don't suck up resources, and c) nothing about them (support, updating, etc.) has ticked me off. I'd give this 5 stars except what I bought was listed as having a disk, and this was a download. Call me old fashioned, I like having a disk (in case I wanna do things safe from the internet) you can scan from, and I thought I paid for that. Regardless, it's a solid product.

  • Mike Perkins - The GUI is like a bubblegum version of something very old

    The GUI is like a bubblegum version of something very old. And parts are hidden in strange places. But the thing produces good backups - I've used it to recover files (but not a full-recovery. . . . yet).

  • Dee Her - But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom

    First off, I have not tried the pills yet so I'll give an update when I do. But my sister tried it and she didn't like it. She complained about runs to the bathroom, curbing her appetite, and messing up her taste buds... and that EVEN WATER tasted weird so she stopped.

  • CARLOS - I have to say this is the BEST mask I've tried so far

    I have to say this is the BEST mask I've tried so far. The packaging, the price, the quality of the cotton, the amount of essence. It is definitely underpriced because it's a very well-made mask compared to the others out there that use cheap materials. I would recommend this highly to those who are looking for a something that's a good money's worth.

  • name not public - Several problems

    My PC won't even load the Bios with this connected to any of my USB ports. It does work if I connect it after Windows starts.

  • Mike - Abysmally Poor Design

    I was so excited over this item I bought two - one for my 8 year old son who is a science enthusiast and one for my nephew. I was disappointed to find the amount of "assembly" required. I am no slouch - I have over 40 years of electronics experience and am even building a house, doing all the plumbing and electrical myself. But assembling this toy was just a drag. The worst part was having to manually wind the wire around the paper tube to create a tuning coil. It was difficult to do and my 8 year old was not even remotely interested in even watching me do it, forget his ability to participate. At one point the thing slipped out of my hand and all the wire came off - if it weren't for a lot of patience and luck, that would have been the end of the thing because the wire normally would be completely and irreversibly tangled at that point. Henceforth I kept a rubber band just behind my work in case it slipped again. Then the wire ends had to be stripped with sand paper. Then the wire connections were made in tiny screws with nuts - LAME. The "connecting wire" was insufficiently stripped to bend per instructions. The instructions were obtuse and overly complicated. Really it seems like an imbecile engineered this thing. I was so upset I got it for my nephew. I found out that my brother in law lost his grip on the thing while winding the coil and the entire thing was ruined - useless. Coil should be pre-wound and ends stripped. Connections could be made easily with little pre-mounted SPRINGS (hello, SLINKY corp???). It's not rocket science, guys. What a rip-off. I am never buying ANYTHING from this manufacturer ever again (unless it's a slinky). I have never written a negative review about a product before because who has time for that. But this was an absolute JOKE. No kid could assemble this damn thing.