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  • Fashionista - This one of the better products on the market without breaking your pocketbook

    This one of the better products on the market without breaking your pocketbook. I have been using this for years now, ever since Ms. Crawford introduced it on her infomercial. The product does not itch even if you have sensitive skin like I do. I use it morning and night, then I follow the steps for moisturizing with the whole system

  • Diablo - Great vehicle cabt beat it

    Love this vehicle and all of its features. Definitely worth the upgrade to the 3 piece removable hard top. Great off road and on. Smooth riding and decent sound system. Glad I purchased it.

  • S. D. Smith - Best book I've read in a long time!

    Seriously the best sci-fi I've read in a long time. Great characters and just enough plot twists to keep me guessing. Well written!

  • C. Tucker - Some products GREAT others, not so much

    I got the Meaningful Beauty kit, which consisted of : Cleanser; moisturizer(day); eye cream; moisturizer (night); throat cream.

  • Amazon Customer - Be careful, this app can be addicting

    You get what you pay for,that's true, but I have not gotten a bad item. Yes it comes directly from China and takes a while to be shipped but, everything I have ordered has been true to the advertised item. I do highly recommend to check the description and especially the sizes.

  • Scags - Good product, bit of a headache to install

    A bit annoying to install. Create an account, verify account, use smartphone to verify account. I ended up having to call in to verify the software because it said they key was already in use (likely because I had to create an account in the middle of setup). Got the product installed, it was just a bit more of a headache than it should have been.