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    Country:, Europe, DE

    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Kristi Krafthefer - Good

    I felt that this book was very informative and helpful in my studies. The book came in great condition. I would suggest it to other student nurses.

  • Reda - Do Not Buy It!!!

    This book is a piece of crap. It's poorly written and disorganized. Long story short: Do Not Buy This Book!.

  • Jessica and Broderick Preston - Great screens

    My husband using these for his at home work space. The my color is great in them and they were very easy to set up. They come with directions which I used but probably didn't even have to. He has two of them side by side and they fit great on an average sized desk.

  • badknee - Great product

    The covers look great, a little cheaper looking than the OEM, but hey, it's $30 for 4 not $50 each what do you expect. Hoping they stay on better than the OEMs.

  • fiona - Convenient to buy on Amazon!

    I buy this collection every year and sometimes have trouble finding it. Thrilled to find it on Amazon! While I don't always agree that the selections are the "best" America has to offer, the Short Story IS my favorite written art form, so this is a must-read. It's a good way to find new authors you like. Can't wait for the 2014 collection to come out!

  • Frole - Worked for 09 Tacoma

    Very pleased with this remote. My old one when out on my 09 Tacoma. Their website didn't support my specific vehicle so I checked YouTube and they had several videos on how to reprogram the remote to my car.

  • Jules - You had me at Sexy Rockstar!

    S.L. Scott has a wonderful way of telling stories with lots of feelings. Whether they are swoony romantic, down right hot and spicy or full of heartache I know Mrs. Scott is going to pull me into the story and The Revolution didn’t disappoint!! I just loved Kaz and Lara. This is one of those stories that permeate your thoughts throughout the day until you can sit down and finish their story… and has still suck with me days later. Bravo to another fantastic addition to the Hard to Resist series!!