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  • Amazon Customer - Poor reception, worse than expected.

    I love the look of the stubby antenna and the fact it doesnt get in the way if things or catch branches, but the reception is horrible. I knew it would be bad but it was much worse than expected. So if you want to actually listen to the radio, I would not buy this item.

  • Amazon Customer - Love this stuff.

    I did not know what benefits I was receiving until I stopped taking them. They are great for my skin, joints and nails. I love it and will probably continue to take for life. I am post menopausal this supplement offsets the effects.

  • Terrell Williams - I know I don't hate it. I am AT&T and I was able ...

    I guess it works for it's intended purpose, I know I don't hate it. I am AT&T and I was able to recieve and respond to texts on this device with my Samsung Galaxy. I just traded in for an Iphone, so I'll have to run some tests and let you know how it goes. A little treat was, if I connected it with my phone media, then it would play my music as loud as a portable speaker! It comes with a little screen protector, which was another plus. Now here come the takeaways. It is kind of bulky, but not too bad as most smart watches are bulky. The battery might last a day if left on the whole time, keep in mind the battery is small and won't last too long. The screen is very bright, with no option to turn it down. The camera is not quality, though it is an interesting feature to see installed on a smart watch. Using it with a sim inside is not logical because there is no earbud jack or volume control actually on the device. Despite all that it is a good substitute for these expensive smart watches you see all over the interwebs. I mean, just look at how many options are on this little device, it's nothing short of a miracle. I've had mine for 4 months and nothing has gone wrong, I just always charge it on time and treat it okay, also I'm not a heavy sweater so shorting it out isnt a problem for me. Never wear this while you run or bike, it just isnt smart, and this watch isnt for you.

  • Emily - Good product!

    Since I have some acnes on my chin and neck I bought this product. Frankly I am not really sure how effective this is even though my acne situation is getting much better now..... cuz I am also using Vichy products (toner and lotion), AVENE. I also go to bed very early everyday..... I eat very healthily..... more vegetable and fruit...... drink more water...... All I want to say is, if you really want to make your acnes go away you gotta pay attention to your lifestyle. Make-up can not make it all gone......

  • Jacques Herviou - Best album of the 90s ?

    The first time I heard "Unfinished Sympathy" I remember turning my head, wide eyed, towards the radio and

  • Mish - 2011 Go To Black Maximizer Tanning Lotion 12 oz.

    I bought this lotion for the first time recently. I have been tanning for a few years now, and have used many products. What caught my eye was the "Several shades darker in just one use." I hate tanning A LOT. So I try to go once or twice a week. I have used It five times already, and I am not much darker than when I started. Also had a friend try it since she is lighter skinned than me, and same thing. I have spent less than 15 bucks on lotions and was able to get a better result. I gave it two stars because It smells amazing, and most products don't .. LOL :-)

  • pattyholly - Excellent once you get the hang of it

    I use it for our ladies golf club and run ove 100,00 dollars through the system. The insturctions for some of the more difficult things to do, where not as clear as I would have liked. IT took several months to figure out how to amend a budget without upseting other items.