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MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology is one of the world's leading research institutes. Our scientists are working to advance understanding of biological processes at the molecular level - providing the knowledge needed to solve key problems in human health.

  • How To Apply - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - How To Apply University of Cambridge applications To apply to the LMB PhD programme you will need to complete an application via the University of Cambridg
  • International PhD Programme - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - International PhD Programme The LMB is one of the birthplaces of modern molecular biology and it continues to be a prolific source of new ideas, discoverie
  • LMB Nobel Prizes - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - LMB Nobel Prizes Nobel Prizes are international awards administered by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden. They are awarded annually for achievement
  • Building and Facilities - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Building and Facilities In early 2013 the LMB moved into a new, purpose-built building, designed to deliver the right environment in which innovative medic
  • Current Vacancies - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Current Vacancies The LMB today houses over 400 scientists and supporting staff, with about 300 directly carrying out research, in more than 50 groups. Aro
  • Useful Contacts - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Useful Contacts Support Services MRC Centre Cambridge The MRC Centre, Cambridge, serves as the regional administrative centre for the LMB as well as other
  • Goals and Research Focus - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Goals and Research Focus The primary goal of the LMB is to understand major biological processes at the molecular level, through the application of methods
  • Scientific Seminars - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - Scientific Seminars Below is a list of upcoming seminars at the LMB aimed at a general scientific audience and open to individuals throughout Cambridge. If
  • How to Find Us - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - How to find the LMB Contact details: MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Francis Crick Avenue, Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Cambridge CB2 0QH, UK. Tel: +4
  • New technologies enable systematic recoding of genomes - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - The design and synthesis of genomes provides a powerful approach for understanding and engineering biology. The development of methods that can accurately
  • New insights into the mechanism of ubiquitin chain cleavage - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - The ubiquitin system is a complex system in all eukaryotic organisms involved in the regulation of most cellular processes. A huge variety of signals are a
  • LMB rides to victory in National Cycle Challenge - MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology - The LMB has continued its winning cycling record by taking first place in its category in the Love to Ride Cambridgeshire event – part of the National Cycl

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    City: 0.1167 Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

  • BenV - Nailed it!

    This is perfect. If enough people read this then we won't have to worry about filling all the Predator and MC-12 "cockpits" and I can go back to focus on actually BEING a fighter pilot instead of vying for the one ops-to-ops assignment in the entire drop.

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