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Acupuncture in Pittsburgh, PA 15201 | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Yasmin Fakih is a licensed acupuncturist in Pittsburgh, PA who uses acupuncture and other traditional Chinese medicine techniques to help people heal their conditions naturally.

  • http://yasminfakih.com/about.php Licensed Acupuncturist in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Biography and credentials of Yasmin Fakih, a Pennsylvania licensed and NCCAOM certified acupuncturist providing service for all people in the greater Pittsburgh area.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/services.php Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Services in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - An overview of the traditional Chinese medicine services offered by Yasmin Fakih in Pittsburgh, including acupuncture, herbal medicine, facial rejuvenation, electro-acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, and moxibustion.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/faqs.php Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Frequently Asked Questions | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Answers to the most frequently asked questions about acupuncture… Does it hurt? What kinds of things can acupuncture treat? How many treatments will I need? Are the needles sterile?
  • http://yasminfakih.com/contact.php Acupuncture Clinic Located in Pittsburgh, PA 15220 | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Call 412-926-4757 to schedule an acupuncture appointment. Don’t forget to submit your e-mail address to receive a free monthly e-newsletter.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_arthritis.php Acupuncture for Arthritis in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Acupuncture has been proven very effective in treating aches and pains associated with arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, TMJ, ankylosing spondylitis, and gout.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_low_back_pain.php Acupuncture for Low Back Pain in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine for low-back pain is a proven form of treatment to subside or eliminate acute and chronic back issues.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_infertility.php Acupuncture for Infertility in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine have been effectively used to treat infertility for centuries. It can be very helpful for getting pregnant naturally or increasing the effectiveness of IVF.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_headaches_and_migraines.php Acupuncture for Headaches and Migraines in, Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Acupuncture is an effective treatment for relief from chronic headaches and migraines without the side-effects associated with the use of over-the-counter and prescription medications.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_stress.php Acupuncture for Stress in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Chronic stress can have detrimental effects on your health. Acupuncture reduces stress by creating a relaxation response which lowers heart rate, decreases blood pressure and relaxes muscles.
  • http://yasminfakih.com/acupuncture_for_allergies.php Acupuncture for Allergies in Pittsburgh, PA | Yasmin Fakih, L.Ac., MAOM, FABORM - Oriental medicine treatments for allergies often include acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary recommendations. During allergy season we focus on your symptoms and once subsided we work on strengthening your immune system.

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    This has a great smell and feels great after applies. My skin sensitive and got irritated after a couple days of using it so I had to stop. I gave the product to my sister and she LOVES it! Her skin is taking really well to it and plans on getting more when she runs out. She says her face looks and feels great.

  • makarpc - Beware of very poor tech support on professional version

    I use Office Professional 2010 which includes Outlook and 1 yr tech support included in the purchase price. I am now on my 4th attempt to correct a problem with the way the program sorts the contacts. Every call goes to India (which is not in itself a problem except this MS vendor will not solve the problem nor will they allow a manager to get on the call to assist the customer) and trying to get to the 2nd level support is nearly impossible, even though I have talked with that level twice. Microsoft needs to get their act together when it comes to providing qualified support. I have owned the office suite for 10 years and I have never been so disappointed in Microsoft. I am very close to removing this product and going to a free email program. BUYER BEWARE!

  • Mountaineer - Book is good, maps hard to read on Kindle

    I am a Kindle fan and regularly use Rick Steves books for travel. The Kindle version of Rick Steves Spain 2013 book is fine for reading text but the maps are hard to see so I ended up also ordering the paperback. As stated in other reviews, Valencia and other cities of interest along the coast south of Barcelona are not included--an explanation from the author on this ommission would be appreciated by readers.

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