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Pharma Market Research | Managed Care, Drug Launch and Healthcare Research · Zitter Health Insights - Welcome to Zitter Health Insights, formerly known as The Zitter Group, the healthcare industry’s leading source for insights into payer influence on the use of medical therapies and technologies.

  • Healthcare Research Firm | Pharma Access Research | Managed Markets · Zitter Health Insights - With over twenty years of experience in custom healthcare research. Zitter Health Insights is the leading provider of information on payer influence, managed care industry trends and pharmaceutical drug launching.
  • Insights We Offer · Zitter Health Insights - Zitter Health Insights provides quantitative and qualitative intelligence related to Payer, Pharmacy, Patients & Provider Access.
  • Multi-client data services focused on Payer, Pharmacy, Patients & Provider Access. · Zitter Health Insights - Multi-client data services focused on Payer, Pharmacy, Patients & Provider Access.
  • Insights for Specialty Pharmacies · Zitter Health Insights - For more than 25 years we have provided product access insights to Life Sciences companies. We are proud to launch offerings for Specialty Pharmacy as well.
  • Pharma Market Access | Payer Research · Zitter Health Insights - Zitter Health Insights provides expert pharma consultation coupled with the most extensive collection of industry intelligence to help you effectively fulfill your drug launch strategy needs.
  • Drug Launch Planning | Pharma Market Research · Zitter Health Insights - Save time and resources with Zitter Health Insights. Let our experience and wealth of data pave the way for your new drug launch.
  • Pharma Marketing Strategy and Healthcare Consulting · Zitter Health Insights - Let Zitter Health Insights toolset help you to develop effective payer marketing strategies, brand marketing insights and the know how for effective managed market account management.
  • Pharma Market Access Solutions l Managed Care Marketing · Zitter Health Insights - Learn how you can gain insight on entering drug competitors as well as the knowledge to maintain the market share stronghold you have today.
  • Pharma Consulting | Biotechnology Consulting · Zitter Health Insights - Our leading industry research provides the tools you need for internal organization education to understand today's ever-changing payer dynamics.
  • Pharma Access Research | Payer Research · Zitter Health Insights - Accurately understanding managed care access and reimbursement policies, trends and issues requires market research into the entire spectrum of payer-influenced entities.
  • Pharma/Biotech Manufacturers · Zitter Health Insights - Zitter Health Insights has become the industry’s trusted resource for market research relating to access and reimbursement for biotech, pharmaceutical, and other medical products.
  • Managed Care Organizations · Zitter Health Insights - Having visibility into how other managed care organizations manage access and reimbursement by therapeutic area and specific drug therapies is helpful for making decisions and educating plan sponsors, employers and end-user customers.
  • How We Deliver · Zitter Health Insights - Our multi-faceted, high-touch delivery approach provides the insights you need when you need them.
  • Managed Markets Insights I Managed Care Trends · Zitter Health Insights - Gain insight on topics surrounding managed care market, payer marketing and much more from the world of biotechnology and pharma research.
  • Resources · Zitter Health Insights - Zitter Health Insights is committed to providing current resources to help you navigate managed care.

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    I have used Peach Tree since 2002. It is very easy to use and being a one man show(6 customers) it gives me everything I need.